GTS1000 a design exercise

What if a GTS1000 was made far removed from 1993 would it be?

The start of a design exercise, on a limited budget...using a GTS1000 as a base vehicle, what would you change?

So what’s wrong with a GTS1000? Some say underpowered, others too heavy. Some say slow steering, but I know that it handles very well on modern rubber and a good use of the bars. The front brake fades when the disc gets hot after a spirited run. The wrists ache from the odd angled bars, and the surge forward drops off as the revs climb. The oil consumption increases as the revs rise, and the throttle is jerky around town. The seat is prone to numbing the rear after 160 miles or so, but the pillion is dead way before that. The lights were good for their day, but times have moved on, and the screen noise is huge, as an iPod on full volume is maxing out at 60mph with an Arai Corsair atop.

So there are a few things that could be improved, but you need a base to work from, and fortunately an over exuberant soul and a tree have created a donor bike, a non ABS GTS1000 to rework.

What would I add to the mix in 2009, in no particular order.

Reduce top heaviness, and lower dry weight.
Create single sided rear suspension and a steeper steering angle.
Smoother fuelling, more top end by reducing airbox and exhaust restrictions.
Better lighting using projector HIDs and LEDs.
Better front brake cooling, and lighter unsprung weight.
Single seat, adjustable handlebars and footpegs.
Better aerodynamics and narrower pannier system (still want to do Treffens).
Uprate oil cooling, and negate oil consumption.
Crash bobbins, fastener upgrades, and ACU legal belly pan.